High Performance Computing Systems Support Assistant

These positions are open to current Georgia Tech students only. All applicants must be U.S. citizens or hold permanent residency (green card) status.  They are offered either as a Co-Op position, or hourly wages, depending on the student's preference and budget availability.



Research Computing Facilitation Student Intern


Note: This position is currently closed for Summer 2023. An update will be made when additional student assistant positions are available.

PACE is seeking dedicated students interested in research computing to join our Research Computing Facilitation (RCF) team efforts to design, maintain, and improve our user documentation and website. As a student team member, you will contribute to essential documentation for researchers at Georgia Tech and elsewhere who use high performance computing and bring awareness of what PACE can offer. In this way, you can gain valuable knowledge and experience with this rare and highly sought-after skillset. Your work will enable the researcher community on all PACE systems, including the Phoenix cluster, ranked on the Top500 list for the world’s most powerful supercomputers. 
As a student member of the RCF team, you will participate in improving our documentation (https://docs.pace.gatech.edu) by creating new pages, updating existing ones with new information, and migrating content to our new documentation home in ServiceNow (http://services.gatech.edu). Another project is the restructuring our main website (https://pace.gatech.edu), to optimize the presentation of the general information about our high-performance computing resources to the research community of Georgia Tech and other universities. Along the way, you will develop expertise in research computing while working on a supercomputer in collaboration with PACE’s research scientists.

Preferred Qualifications:

    •    Basic familiarity with the Linux operating system
    •    Basic familiarity with at least one programming language


    •    You must be a U.S. person (U.S. citizen or permanent resident) to apply for this position.

Hourly rate: $16-$20